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Brillo Soap Pads - 5pk

Brillo Soap Pads - 5pk£1.28

Soap Filled Pads

18 pads per pack

Green Scouring Pads 10pk

Green Scouring Pads 10pk£1.66

Green Scouring Pads

10 scouring pads per pack

Sponge Backed Scouring Pads 10pk

Sponge Backed Scouring Pads 10pk£1.69

Scrubbing Sponge

10 scouring sponges per pack

Galvanised Scourers 10pk

Galvanised Scourers 10pk£3.09

Galvanised Scourers

10 galvanised scourers per pack


Copper Coated Scouring Pads 20pk

Copper Coated Scouring Pads 20pk£4.29

Copper Coated Scouring Pads

Packed 20 pads per case


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